About The Idol Dead

Always outnumbered but never outgunned, The Idol Dead deliver fearless and memorable punk rock directly to the prefrontal cortex of the UK independent music scene. Since forming in 2008 they have been relentless in their songwriting and touring, covering the UK many times over and spreading into mainland Europe like a green and black plague.

Not a band content to rest on their laurels, The Idol Dead have spat out four studio albums, two EPs, a live DVD, an acoustic album and a charity single, all released independently on their own label Raaa! Records. Simultaneously they have raised and donated thousands of pounds for multiple charities close to their hearts.

2019 sees the studio walls echo with the sounds of fresh new music coalescing for album five. On the surface, they are sleeping but below they are scheming…

‘The Idol Dead have excelled themselves in every way and produced an album they can be proud of.’ – UberRock

‘In another universe The Idol Dead are selling out venues with an ever growing army of followers. It’s our loss that it’s not the one we live in.’ – Three Songs & Out

‘I suspect in ten years time this could be the one album that really stands out from the rest, both musically and lyrically’ – 50Thirdand3rd

‘They are the defibrillator that needs to be pressed hard against the chest of the dead horse that the music biz keeps flogging.’ – Reservoir Droogs