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Hi iDudes n iDolls, time for another sporadic update from your Idol Dead puppets.

Things have been a little quiet lately as we’ve been beavering away writing the new album – and it’s sounding pretty damn good.

We’ve been doing this whole WeFund thing and it’s blown our minds. We can’t believe the support and help we are getting from you lot.

We’re up to 68% with 3 weeks left to run – so we really think we’re doing ok.

We still have a long way to go, so if any one wants to help us out and spread the deal a little please direct your friends here –

Part of the deal is we keep you updated with all we’re upto album wise – we post videos, have debates and generally get closer to the people we wanna get closer to – you!

We’re also gonna record an acoustic DVD with an invited audience and that becomes part of the pledge too.

As I said, the response has been pretty amazing and we’re so stoked to be doing this. We may not fill Wembley, but we have some pretty bloody amazing fans – wrong word ’fan’ but I dunno what else to use.

After we’ve recorded the DVD we’ll be packing our gear up and hot-footing it to Carpe Diem for a full on electric set – thats 4th of August btw, so get thee ‘ens down.

We’ll be taking most of August off, but we’ll be back in York on 14th of September to play Stereo with Laika Dog, which we can’t wait to do!

Another thing we’d like to mention is that we’re being given a second chance to play at HRH – last year we had a nightmare involving a broken down SEAT car and about 400 miles of uncoverable distance … so, if you’re a regular on the Hard Rock Hell forums, the festival, Ibiza Rock or a member of the Dark Circle, please give us a vote – if you’re not one of those people you can’t vote and the judges look very dimly on one post members trying to vote.

We wanna tour in the Autumn too, but we’ll have to see how the funds lie after the album is kicking about.

C-ya down the front,


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