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idols and Dead Dudes, gather round gather, round as I tell you all about The Most Awesome Autumn of Autumnal Awesomeness you are ever likely to experience … well, from an Idol Dead perspective any way.

We’re kicking off in fine style by debuting our wicked new member, Mr Dan ‘Suggy’ Sugden by pulling no punches at the Rock n Wrestle festival on 10th September. The event is a full weekend do and you can find out all you need to know right here – http://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/wakefieldrock/2011rocknwrestle/

But we’re on about 2:30pm on the Saturday.

Once we’ve made sure Suggy is well up for some live stuff by putting him on at a festival, and on the telly, for his first gig, we’re then gonna hit the road with permanent party animals -Drugdealer Cheerleader. We’ll be joining them on their farewell tour around the UK and, as we really do love these lads, we’re totally looking forward rocking out, rolling on and wrecking our livers with Hilda, Ringo, Jay and Bomber – PPPPAAAARRRRTTTTYYYY!

Once the DDCL madness is over, we’ll be jumping back in the Idol Van and heading to Glasgow to play the Highway to Hell 2, to compete for the chance to play Hard Rock Hell in December! http://www.hardrockhell.com/ Obviously we wanna get through, but if we don’t we’ll just enjoy a night of partying with or mates Velvet Star, who are also playing! Can’t bloody wait.

I’ll be flying out to Spain straight afterwards too 😉

Anyway, that’ll do ya all for now. I’m sure we’ll be doing pics and stuff with Dan soon and getting some T-shirts done and other such groovy stuff.

Will let ya know when we do,

Peace out,

Polly Dolx

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