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Ladies and jelly spoons, as you know, Miguel is due to leave us at the end of August. We’re really sad to see the Smooth Spanish Bastard go but, when destiny comes knocking, you have to answer the call.

Mig got a place at a great Uni in London to study Jazz and we couldn’t be happier for him.

It did leave us with the rather thorny issue of finding a new four stringer though, so we’ve been looking for a while.

After trying nearly every bass player in Leeds, and there are some great musicians out there, we finally found our man.

We didn’t just want a bass player though. We knew we couldn’t replace Mig, and it wouldn’t be fair to take someone in and make them be Mig 2. So, we searched for someone with a totally different style and a personality of their own.

That man (and we spoke to a few girls too you know) is Dan Sugden, ex-Every Dying Moment four stringer.

Dan’s everything you want in a bass-player, he’s technically good, has a laid-back a easy personality and, most importantly to us, he’s an Idol Dead fan.

That last bit may sound a bit ‘ego’, but we’re all Idol dead fans (in fact, I think KC may be stalking me!). It’s important to us to make the music we like, not just do something generic or ‘trendy’.

Any road up, we’re in rehearsals with Dan now, training him up for his debut at The Rock n Wrestle Festival (no pressure!) … we’ll  also be dragging him round Claire’s Accessories to get him kitted out with his lovely green and black uniform.

I hope you’ll join us in wishing Miguel all the best in the Big Smoke (we hope to see plenty of him anyway) and welcoming Dan with open arms into the friendly Idol Army.

Kisses and peace out

Polly Dollx

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