tHE IdoL dEaD and Wakefield Rock Festival

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A slot at the Wakefield Festival is the ultimate prize as we arrived at The Snooty Fox for Heat B “Middle of the Road”(!?!?!) on Friday 26thMarch.

We arrived sharp at 6pm ready for the random draw to see the order we’ll play in. We drew 3rdon the night. Turns out that was right in the middle as The Pablos didn’t turn up!

The night opened up with “Further from the Truth”. It was a tough ask going on first, but they impressed the crowd with energy and strong female vocals.

Following them were the EBGB’s. Very different from the opening band, the EGBG’s played a set of stripped down Indie, an even tougher task in front of a predominantly Rock and Metal crowd.

Then it was our turn. We only had 20 minutes to prove ourselves so selected what we felt would best represent us on the night, a powerful set, ensuring that we showed off our skills but in particular the energy that we know we exude on our audience.

Our set list was only 5 songs long – Shooting Star, Spooky, Question Everything, I.D.O.L and Church of Hate

With the aid of our small but vocal group of followers we set about rocking the place. Particular attention was paid to our now legendary Dead Dolls, busily drumming up support both for the crowd at The Snooty Fox and the folks at home watching the live streaming!

Introducing the Dead Dolls

Introducing the Dead Dolls

Polly too was working hard to woo the audience, utilising every inch of the stage and surrounds to draw them under his spell.

Polly Hanging Out

Polly Hanging Out

We were pleased with the set despite a couple of minor issues. Tim’s guitar strap decided to come lose when he was clearly rocking too hard for it during “Question Everything” and KC’s amp decided to give up during the intro for penultimate track “I.D.O.L”

Following us were Divine Sinn.

Their American Rock/Metal went down well and included one cover of  a Sisters of Mercy song, their only permissable cover.

Up next was Stone Run. They haven’t been together that long with their singer, but in a previous form most of the band have been together a while. And you could tell. They were tight and energetic. Being from just down the road in Sheffield, they had a very strong following and got the best crowd reaction of the night.

Finally, Goggle Eyed Psycho. The lead singer had a strong following and clearly pleased his fans as he sang his heart out for a place in the semi final.

After a nervous wait, the results were ready. Most of The Idol Dead expected Stone Run to walk away victorious, but we weren’t sure how many get through to the semi finals…

Turns out, 4 of the 6 bands to play get through! That lifted our spirits considerably.

4th – Goggle Eyed Psycho

3rd – Further from the Truth

2nd– The Idol Dead!!!!!!!!!!

1st– Stone Run

So, we did it! 2ndto Stone Run. We were pleased with that. It puts us in the semi final on the 12thMarch. Initially supposed to be through with Further from the Truth, but due to other gig commitments, they have swapped with Stone Run, so battle will resume with Stone Run Friday week!

We will be providing more updates on here, but keep a look out for us at The Snooty Fox. We don’t know what time we’ll be on, but we clearly need as many people down as possible to encourage us and to show the judges how popular we are. If you really, really can’t make it down (like you’re my family are travelling from NZ to watch the gig is a little awkward), then you can catch us on


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