Wakefield Battle of the Bands – The Semi-Final

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So, the semi-final of the WTP Battle of the bands? It was always going to be hard slog tonight. After all these bands had won their heats just to get here.

Master of Ceremonies, Wayne Poppleton, exploded into the venue a little after 6 like Alice in Wonderland’s Rabbit on crack – he was even shouting ‘I’m not late, I’m not late!’ We clocked early on that this would be a hectic affair!

As he wandered out the Gents, we pushed the confused and disoriented Nish up onto the stage to help Wayne pull names out of a bag to determine the line up.

We were first on – we had to beat Nish with sticks.

First on is always a hard ask, the crowd aren’t warmed up, the beer’s not been flowing and it’s still light out.

Did that bother us? Not a bit of it!

We may not have got the beer flowing but we did warm the place up – 5 tracks, delivered at breakneck speed, and a lovely IDOL sing along at the end … I even managed not to break KC’s gear!

Rockin' Out no matter what!

Rockin' Out no matter what!

After played our set my opinion was we’d played better than the first round – so we were happy with that. When you’ve done your best, you can’t really expect any more. I also know when bands say that their fans disagree.

But still, we’d set the bar high and it was up to the other boys and girls to Fosberry Flop over it.

Next up were The Original Conspiracy. They played a tight, funky little set with the odd nod to The Police and The Chilli’s. They were nice about us too, so that made me smile.

Next up Narcotic Death. They played up-tempo pop with a hint of Cat Stevens … yeah right! They played brutal, tight metal presided over by a lady whose vocals could probably neuter a cat at 500 yards! Not my bag, I must say, but they did it very well, and hats off to the female singer for doing things with her voice that I couldn’t do in a month of Sundays.

Look at those haircuts walking onto the stage! It must be Boneyard babies! I was looking forward to these chaps – right up my (smash)alley. I was expecting something between Backyard Babies and Wednesday 13 – but they were much more classic metal! Plenty of spiky riffs and shout along choruses … good stuff … did I mention they had cool hair?

Now, StoneRun. It’s almost like we’re touring with these guys! And the more I see em, the more I like em. Favourites to win I reckon. They play real, groove-oriented rock, with cool solos and great melodies. If you ever wondered what Jesus would look like after a 2 month drug-bing, check out their singer … yeah, they look cool too.

Last up were Occluded Front and I’ve never seen an more sick looking man on a stage. And by ‘sick’ I don’t mean cool, as is the modern vernacular would have it, I mean ill. He’d just got over flu, and I think he deserved extra points just for hauling his ass on stage! Points he would lose for apologising for being there at all! Still, great effort from a man who should have been in bed!

So, it was all over bar the shouting and a hush descended across Wakefield … Wayne climbed/stumbled onto the stage, dragging the drummer from The Original Conspiracy with him … thanks were given to those who put in the hard work … a drum roll was started … without any sticks I might add … and … BAM!

StoneRun first The Idol Dead second! We’re through! Yip! High fives and that!

Now, it’s all to do. The final @ The Snooty Fox, Wakefield. Friday 26th March.

The Idol Dead, StoneRun, Further from the Truth and Clown Corpse … be there.



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