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On Saturday The Idol Dead started laying down some new tracks for your listening pleasure!

Question Everything, Don’t Waste It, Take a Ride and Tragically Hip have been started.

At 5pm sharp Polly, Nish, Tim and Miguel arrived by car at the studio. KC fell out of his apartment to meet us there at the same time.

After a record breaking load in, the boys went off to the supermarket to get supplies for a long night while Nish and Ghosttown’s Ross got started on the drums. Getting the drums just right is probably the longest job and after a few hours, the drums were tuned perfectly, the mics were setup perfectly and we were ready to start recording some rock and roll!

With Tim and Miguel laying down guide guitar and bass, and Polly in the control room laying down guide vocals, we began recording.

With an everage of 3 or 4 takes per song, the drums were complete. Nish was pleased with his days work, and packed up his kit, ready to sit back and enjoy/judge/heckle/encourage the others as they set about their work.

Miguel’s bass playing was that damn awesome, there was no need to re-record…so he could sit back and join Nish in the enjoying/heckling/encouraging of the others.

KC then stepped up. And boy did he! Managing to somehow keep the energy of his live performances he laid down the rhythm guitar for the 4 songs. He took on a relatively newly written part for Question Everything, and a structure that he didn’t really know in Don’t Waste It! KC’s only played that song a few times!!! Tough way to learn! But he did it, with Nish sat in front of him shouting instructions as to where he was up to in the song!

At 2am it was decided that was enough for the night. Cans of Red Bull, Pringles, Pretzels, Pork Pies, Caesar Salads, Curries and all sorts of things had been consumed through the night, and now with just Tim’s guitar parts and vocals to go, The Idol Dead went home and to bed.

Part 2 this saturday…but first. Photoshoot!


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