Recording Studio pt 2

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So, after a very busy week and a bit, The Idol Dead headed back to the studio to finish off recording Question Everything, Take a Ride, Don’t Waste It and Tragically Hip.

Turning up at 5pm sharp, Polly found no other Idols present! Nish and KC were just round the corner though getting some cash out. Tim was still a few minutes away (no doubtedly, running on Tim time 😉 ) and Miguel was nowhere to be seen!

Ross let us in and Tim got ready to lay his rhythm lead tracks down. After a while messing around with pedals and amp to get the perfect sound, Tim recorded the chunkiest guitar lines ever heard. Combining those with KC’s energy fuelled tracks from last week, it became clear that the latest work from The Idol Dead was going to be something special (at least in our opinion!).

It was then Polly’s turn. We all knew that he was going to once again “Blow us away” with unbelievable vocals and he didn’t disappoint! As the whole thing came together the rest of us got nervous…it was going to be time to do some backing vocals soon.

Still no sign of Miguel…too much coursework to do, so he wouldn’t be joining us.

Polly and Tim were paired up and began to do backing vocals to all tracks apart from Tragically Hip (more on that later). Once Tim had put his power ballad/bon jovi moves in place he tore into his backing vocals (hopefully we’ll have some video footage of this soon) and together with Polly put in some great backing to our already fantastic sounding songs.

Now for Nish and KC. At this point…I think KC lost it. He went mental. Both wearing shades (because we’re rockstars of course!), we started our backing vocals. Jumping around like idiots, probably over singing a little through being too excited (KC), we eventually got through our vocals.

Finally it was time to record Tragically Hip. Being a party piece, this was being recorded all 4 of us at the same time. Encircling the mic we began, some great singing and hand clapping…not all of it was quite right, but we eventually got there!

With that, Polly and KC got going (with early starts in the morning), and Tim got to work on his solos.

Surprisingly this went by pretty quickly as Tim tore up the fret board with impressive solo after solo. With Ross providing input as normal, Tim finished and we packed up by about 2am again.

Unfortunately Tim remembered that there was a small guitar line that hadn’t been recorded just as we got outside. Thankfully he and Ross managed to arrange a time on Monday to get this finished off and we now await the first mixes from Ross…not long now till The Idol Dead will have 4 shiny new tracks for your aural pleasure.

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