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Die On My Feet Or Live On My Knees

The Idol Dead

The Idol Dead are coming for ya!

Yep, after countless re-mixes, and what seems like the best part of a year, the debut album from Leeds’ finest glam punks is finally ready to roll out and join the party.

Die On My Feet Or Live On My knees contains 11 blistering tunes with riffs so big they’ll stomp out of the speakers and kick your ears all over the room … while the sweet melodies and lilting harmonies will sooth your nerves and calm your soul.

The Idol Dead take all the best bits of their idols, blending them into a glorious, eclectic mix.

The glamour of Bowie, the power of the Foos, the tunefulness of The Wildhearts, the heartfelt poetry of the Manics and the pop sensibilities of Feeder, you’ll find all that and more on Die On My Feet Or Live On My Knees – it’s rock Jim, just how we like it.

The Idol Dead love all the same things you do! The sex, the drugs, the rock n roll – but they’re also prone to moments of moving reflection – the deep chasms of depression, the impotent anger at the in justice of the world and the love found in the midst of the madness – all these themes are weaved into the very fabric of Die On My Feet Or Live On My Knees.

All that, and it’s still a party album that’ll inject fire and happiness into everybody’s life.

Recorded in various studios across the city and mixed by desk-jockey genius Carl Rosamund, Die On My Feet Or Live On My Knees is the perfect antidote to audio apathy and insipid pop – buy it on iTunes or via the bands’ website ( – you know it makes sense.


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