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Right you ‘orrible lot, it’s been a while since I vented me spleen on this ‘ere web page of ours, so I’m making a concerted effort to generate a bit of interest and keep thinks alive on idoldead.co.uk.

‘What’s happening in the wonderful world of the Dead then?’ I hear you proclaim!

Well, last night we had a lovely time at The Riverside in Selby supporting the rather super UK Subs. Charlie Parker, 66 years old, and still one of the best punk-rock frontmen on the circuit. Youngsters take note, having silly hair, a ripped t-shirt and a jacket full of studs does not give you charisma but, being charismatic to start with, does.

The support acts that helped us warm the crowd were all suitably punky – making us the token pop act!

Total Confusion kept it old school. They were plenty tight and belted out some cracking tunes.

Next up were York’s Comply and Die, who have the tallest frontman in the UK, I reckon. They were tight, fast, obnoxious and brilliant. Check ‘em out.

We went on next, to a muted, but friendly response. Got them all singing in the end with a super-fast set that damn-near killed poor Nish! I also hit KC in the balls with my mic stand, which was a total accident, but I’ll probably claim as a riotous act of punk-rock violence at some point in the future.

Homebrew were another old school punk act, and made a hell of a row for a 3 piece. Again, tight, catchy and fun.

Then the Subs. Just brilliant. I’ve never really listened to them and I don’t have much of their material, although I’ve always liked what I’ve heard. But, they put a smile on my face from beginning to end. The passion, fun and music on offer just gives you a life affirming feeling, re-igniting that lust for live rock n roll that get steady diminished by sitting through countless lightweight rockers, and scenester posers, that litter the live circuit. Charlie Parker and your gang of rabble rousing mates … I salute you.

As for other Idol News, it all album-tastic!

We’re booked into the studio at the end of November to lay down 3 more tracks, hopefully we’ll be working with the students at Leeds College of Music on more tunes, and I have a special recording session coming up to record a tune I wrote for my dad.

After that lot, we should have a slab of rocking hot plastic to place in yer sticky mitts!

Keep checking back for studio reports, and I’ll catch you out there if ya come catch a show.


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