Pledge for the Dead

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So, we are at that pledging game again! Should have probably told you all before – but you know how it is.

After the great success of crowd funding Dark Little Hearts, we’ve been beavering away at Purple Pro Audio and Eiger studios to write that difficult 3rd album. After many months of blood sweat and tears we finally had enough songs to go see Carl Rosamond to talk about Pledging and Pre-Production.

Carl is a diamond and really wanted to get involved, so we had no excuse not to get started and build a campaign site on –

We’ve added incentives like T-shirts, Cover Versions, chances to sing on the album, bespoke bracelets and much, much more.

After a week we are at almost 50% … how cool are the assembled iDolls and Zom-bois we call The Idol Army?   Very, that how cool, we love ‘em – we even tell them how much on one of the new songs 😉

Raaa! hope to get this bad boy out sometime in the Autumn – and there will be loads of shiny new merch kicking about too – god, we LOVE rock n roll – we really do.

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