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Tut Tut Nish…sorry people, I totally forgot to update you all about our Photoshoot!

Last Monday, we headed off to Selby for our Photoshoot with Philip Bramhall.

After meeting up at Polly’s house, we squeezed into 2 cars and made our way to the studio.

After Preening ourselves in the mirror Philip got to work. Starting off with individual pics, he managed to make us feel at ease…I don’t know about the others, but I really don’t like posing for pics on my own!

Then the group photos started. Again with direction from Philip we went through several positions (not as dodgy as it sounds) and even had a couple of “outfit changes”.

We walked away from the studio feeling good about things. It had been a good weekend with a gig, recording and a photoshoot all in close succession.

Results of the photoshoot will be dotted throughout this site as we gradually update the pages (some bios have been done)…and I’m working now on the gallery. In the meantime, if you want to see the pictures, check out facebook!

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