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Nish’s Stag Do in London, featuring Jack, Absinthe and Wenches!

So Jonny Martin, Best Man and ringleader for this trip to London met up with me at Leeds Train Station around 1:30, ready for the weekend that would define his ability to organise a “piss up in a brewery”…or at least a stag do in London. As a manager of a bar, he’s expected to get this right.

Joe Hughes (Sabrina’s uncle) was already there and waiting as slowly the Leeds contingent arrived at the station ready to travel to London on the East Coast Trains service to London Kings Cross.

Paul Gallagher would come down later, Keith Wiseman (Sabrina’s dad) would meet us at Grantham, Martin Wiseman (Sabrina’s brother) and Matt Littlefield would meet us at Kings Cross and Chris Hale would meet us at the hotel (or the first pub) as he was already in London for work.

So, me, Miguel, Jonny, Joe, KC, Phil set off to London on the 14:05. Tim would have been with us, but he got the 13:05…

KC was mysteriously carrying a 4 pack of Coca Cola bottles and soon revealed that it was part 1 of a 3 part plan of sheer genius. Part 2 was a shot measurer and Part 3 was Jack! So, Jack and Cokes all the way down. Nice!

We’re in London Baby!!!

And there we were. In the big smoke. Merry thanks to Jack (and KC) and we arrived at the hotel which was only a 5 minute walk from the station…we checked in and met downstairs with all present except Paul, Chris and Tim…Polly would hopefully be joining us on Saturday night after returning from Houston (as opposed to Euston that people kept on thinking) and a Wedding he was attending.

Jonny marched us down to the tube station and told us all to buy Zone 1 return tickets for our excursion to Camden Town. Cool. After a few of us bought our tickets…Matt (Jonny’s man on the ground) points out that Camden is Zone 2…JONNY!!!!

We took the risk and got on the underground and emerged at Camden. Jonny had a quiet word with the guard and it turns out that a Zone 1 & 2 ticket costs the same as a Zone 1 return, so our tickets worked anyway!

Hello Camden.

First stop. The Worlds End…looks like the smallest pub initially.

Small Bar - Worlds End

Small Bar - Worlds End

But, you head through and round the corner, and the place opens up to be a rather large bar. We found ourselves a section and settled in. The first shots came out for me…Jager and Black Sambuca…really appreciated that. There were other shots too, and not having eaten anything other than some Pretzels in the morning…I was in desperate need of food.

We nipped out for some food before meeting again in the Camden Eye. Some went to subway, others for a kebab, Keith went for Chinese, but Jonny didn’t remember that he’d been informed, so when we got to Camden Eye, we started to worry. Search parties were deployed, Keith the only one in the party without a mobile phone on him, was MIA. 10 minutes later he rolled in “I told Jonny I was going to the Chinese”…JONNY!

Then off to Bar Vinyl…a few quick drinks in here, including possibly the best and worst shooter I’ve ever had “Chocolate Cake” courtesy of Paul. Lovely while drinking…really did taste of Chocolate Cake, then the aftertaste was quite possibly the most vile thing I’ve ever had!

Went to one more pub, but I honestly can’t remember what it was called. It was cheap though, and we may have stayed longer, but we decided to make our way back on the underground to Kings Cross…which we did and after a drink at the Travelodge bar, got food from across the road at KFC or Subway…

At this point KC, Miguel, Tim and Jonny proceeded to have wasted in their room…Miguel and the by now easily led Jonny headed off into town again looking for a Rock Club. It should have taken 15 mins to walk, but instead 2 hours…”This is f*cking unbelievable”

Jonny returned sometime around 5am, but Miguel wasn’t to show till most of us were having breakfast around 10:30am! He went to a random houseparty! Legend!

Saturday…operation: Break Nish

First Martin was ill in our bathroom…around 6am…couldn’t bring myself to shower in that room, so I headed out for breakfast with Keith and Joe. London tried to break me then, when something flew into my eye. I was struggling with that for a good 30 minutes…even a paramedic had a look! We found Pompidou, a delightful little cafe (service wasn’t so delightful) with an excellent Full English, tea/coffee for £5.50

Others headed out a little later and we agreed to meet in the hotel lobby before going next door to Hurricane pool Hall. The hockey lads went to a pub, and got so comfy with each others company that they stayed there while the rest of us played Pool. All except Tim and Miguel, who were sleeping in…in the same bed…spooning. Quote of the day “Miguel, put your leg down!” We all hope it was a “leg”…[KC, send me the picture and I’ll add it here!]

After pool, we joined the hockey lot in The Big Chill bar…in the “Love inn” section.

This is where Jonny stepped up his assassination attempt on me. It started with shot of Kahlua, Pernot and then Absinthe. There were shots of Southern Comfort, more Absinthe amongst others. I have to admit, I lost count…we reckon it pushed 12 by the time we left there…somehow I was still standing…and remembering most things.


Following The Big Chill, we gathered ourselves (not before ripping Tim for his frolics with Miguel) and headed off to Tower Hill underground station and the short walk to the Medieval Banquet.

It didn’t start so well for me…forced into wearing a ladies costume, but from there…the night got better and better. We were told to call for our waitress when we needed more alcohol by shouting “Wench”! It was just like being at home! 😉

The entertainment was excellent and we all got into it. There were dancers and jugglers and the champions fighting were amongst our favourites (Tasha won it!).

After eating the disco started. There were many hen parties here so there was a really good atmosphere, Jonny made sure that everyone had a good time…all too soon, it was time to leave.

We slowly and not so surely made our way to the tube station to get to Tottenham Court Road where we were going to meet up with Polly in Soho…but alas, we missed the last train!

Martin wondered off in some other direction, with Keith following, trying to bring him back with us…in the end, the instruction was go ahead without us, they’ll see us later (in the hotel). After missing the train, we got another one to Monument where we could walk to Bank and then hopefully get another tube to Tottenham Court Road…but no good. So we emerged and the Man on the Ground got phoning for a taxi…taxi for 9. That’s the 12 of us, minus Keith and Martin…hang on…my maths is ain’t that bad…we should have 10….Where’s Joe!??!?!?!?!?

We’d lost Joe. Thankfully being my stag do and Jonny supposedly in charge, I couldn’t be accused of any foul play against Sabrina’s family as somehow we’d managed to be split from Sabrina’s father, brother and uncle!!! Joe had gone MIA in the underground. With the station now closed, we couldn’t do anything else other than take the taxis to Soho and assume that Joe would make his way back to the hotel…of course he did!

The Idol Dead and Jonny stuck it out in Soho and met up with Polly in Crobar. It’s probably a good thing that the hockey lads and Matt went back to the hotel from there…it was rather tight. But the music was good (RAWK) and we met a familiar face from Sorry and the Sinatras (of Wildhearts fame). The place had pedigree, also being the venue of Dave Grohl’s after party when they played Wembley Arena recently.

Many drinks were enjoyed and The Idol Dead, Jonny and the gatecrasher Suzi (Polly’s Wife) walked back towards Kings Cross. There was still more excitement as Jonny had the walk planned on his phone, but Jameson’s caused his map reading skills to recede and we were pointed in the right direction by a street vendor (at 3 am!?). After doubting him, and Miguel nearly getting run over, the iPhone came out and google maps guided us to the hotel. Polly and Suzi carried on to their hotel after a quick stop at McDonalds, and most of us retired to our beds. Jonny forgot which room he was in so he took Miguels’, as the Spaniard had gone out again…probably looking for another house party.


All in all, most of us woke ok. Miguel was late in again…spooning again with Tim…we all headed out for Breakfast after Keith and Joe headed home a little earlier than us. Martin discovered that Matt had videoed his mid text sleeping position [Matt, please send me the pic]. Sophie met up with Martin after Sabrina’s Hen do and the 3 of them (with Matt) made their way off, leaving the hockey boys, The Idol Dead (minus Polly) and Jonny in the O’Neills pub. Rotherham fans were preparing for their eventually disappointing Wembley Play-Off and we watched most of a rather dismal England performance in their friendly with Japan…we then boarded the train to Leeds and the London Stag “jaunt” was over.

Big thanks to Jonny for organising things…he will suffer retaliation for his attempts to get me paralytic, despite his FAIL.

High Fives


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