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Ok, ok, ladies and jellyspoons! How the rubbery fuck are ya all?

We’re super busy at the moment, although we do seem to be keeping a low profile.

After storming the stages of Espania with two excellent bands (The Pink Elephants and Metralletas Distorsionadas), losing KC outside a club in Barcelona and stumbling into various Gaudi creations …  we returned to England to put the finishing touches to our album (yet to be named – working title Who The Fuck Are The Idol Dead?).

We have a last session of Bvox to do, then it’s on to mixing. We hope to have it finished before or Antipodean drummer flits back to the homeland to top up his accent in mid April.

We played a storming gig at the Riverside in Selby, which is fast become a proper sticky-floor rock venue to be gouged onto everyone’s tour schedule. If you’re a band, and you haven’t tried it yet, give ‘em a buzz. We played with our good chums Velvet Star and Psychobabylon, and the whole shebang was topped off with a reformation of Polly’s old band – Phluid. Needless to say, it was a top party night! We all raised nearly 900 quid for SANDS and Tim was last seen swaying out into the cool Yorkshire air, flipping the bird and singing Phluid tunes at the top of his voice!

But, as we’re not stingy with our charity, we’re taking ride out to our favourite Leeds venue, Carpe Diem for another worthy cause – Victims of the New Zealand and Japan Earthquakes. God is angry and we’re here to help pay off the debt! Nish has family in Christchurch, so this is a charity gig close to The Idol family (as was SANDS) and it’d be nice to see anyone we know down there.

It’s Sunday 20th March, we’re on about 8ish and it’s a ‘gold-coin’ donation on the door – but, if you throw in some folding stuff, we’ll make sure it’s worth it for you (by at least telling Polly to keep his shirt on!).

After that we re-unite with Velvet Star, plus their label mates Falling Red and Star*Rats, for a gig at The Snooty Fox in Wakefield. It’ll be a cold and foggy Tuesday night (5th April) so you won’t have anything better to do! Make a night of it – get down early to see us open! Falling Red are a top live act making big waves around the UK, so they’re well worth catching … as are velvet Star who bump and grind with the best of them and will be blazing on all cylinders due to their album coming out the day before this gig! Don’t know much about Star*Rats, but they’re headlining this show so they must be pretty fucking good.

Then, our last gig for awhile will be on 10th April at Joseph’s Well. Again, we’re on early so the bands that follow us better be on their game! Our boys Beretta Suicide are on the bill and we know they kick several hundred different kinds of arse … so we reckon it’s gonna be a corker … we’ll set the bar high.

We also have some pretty spiffing new t-shirts on offer in black and acid green – they look super cool and will stop you getting knocked down on dark roads … just £7 each … all the cool kids will have them come summer.

More news as it comes in … album, tours, festivals, Mig’s interesting collection of STDs … see ya in a sweaty rock venue some time soon!


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