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Well, it’s been a while ain’t it?!? And after, Mr Nish, along with his hi-tech sidekick Mr Robinson, put together such a lovely new site for us so I could ramble in style!

So, as I sit and listen to my 3 new favourite alums on repeat (Die So Fluid – The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime, Ginger – Potatoes and You and The Idol Dead – Die on my Feet or Live on my Knees) I have all sorts of groovy things to tell you.

First, we have the, afore mentioned, album all out and official like. You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, Last FM and in a box in the back of the Idol Wagon! We’re gonna try get a few reviews for it, so if you know anyone who’d like a promo copy let us know.

The big downer news we have to impart this month is Miguel is leaving us ;-( We’re gutted, but he’s been accepted to do a Jazz degree in London, so we’re proper stoked for him at the same time. He’s been an absolutely brilliant  member of our little gang from the minute he stepped off the plane from Barcelona. His playing has been integral to the whole sound of the band and he’ll be an absolute bitch to replace! Plus, he makes us laugh and joins in the mindless tomfoolery bands like us love so much.

We shall be marking his departure by have IDOL tattoos this Saturday – cept Tim, who’s allergic to buzzing needles and brightly coloured ink!

Again, if  ou know anyone who’s a shit-hot bass player,  tell ‘em to get in touch. If they’re a Smooth Spanish Bastard, that’s be even better 😉

Gig wise we have a mixed bag – great VW Festival at the end of July (30 & 31) gonna be loadsa great bands on, and it’s a fiver for the whole weekend, camping and everything! So come on down. We’re also playing Rock n Wrestle on 11th September, tickets are 9 quid and it’ll be a great day of music too. Stonerun, or rocking chums, are on the same bill as us, so the rock will surely roll!

We’ll also be touring in October with Drugdealer Cheerleader, who are ace and a great bunch of lads. They often have Cheerleaders guesting at their shows, so if you wanna be an iDoll for the evening, wear your colours and join us for IDOL at the end of the set.

Closer to home, time and venue wise, are our gigs at Northern Monkey on 3rd July (Sunday), and 15th July 2011 (Friday) – 360 Club at The Library – more details to follow on that when we get the chance!

Till then, toodle pip iDoll and iDudes,

Peace out,





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