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Ladies and Germolene Addicts, here is the news brought to you by a closet trannie somewhere in Yorkshire.
We have a gig this week, 9th Feb (tomorrow) 4pm we’re playing, at Twitrfest at The Snooty Fox in Wakefield. It should be streamed live on – so if you can’t make it down, have a wee watch.

That’s 4pm GMT international chums.

The other groovy thing we’re gonna give you this week is a new video for Six Feet Under. Media:Idol is busily beavering away in a windowless room cobbling together a darkly humorous  story of bad drugs, too much face paint and very sexy reaper.
We’ll be launching this mini-Epic on Friday 15th February at 7pm! Tune in to various media out lets to see it … or Facebook and Youtube as they are also known.
More news coming soon,
Peace Out

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