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So, it might seem as though your Dead boys have been idle, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

We’ve been furiously writing new material for our album and are preparing to unleash them at some upcoming shows.

What upcoming shows? I hear you ask. It’s true, our calendar isn’t full, but that’s because I (Nish) am getting married at the end of August and there just isn’t time on weekends to be gigging all over the place…but soon, we will return to our regular gigs as well as finish our album.

So, just to wet your appetites, we have new songs…we write as a band, though one person always brings the base idea to the rehearsal room. Tim has a new one (been gigged a couple of times), Polly has one, KC has one, Miguel is bringing one tonight and I’m quietly working on something too (I promise it won’t just be a drum solo, there will be chords and everything!).

We have a few gigs coming up which can be seen on our gigs page, but I’ll just outline them here anyway.

Thursday 5th August at Milo. The Beat Surrender needed another band for a rock/punk night, so we stepped in. This is our first performance at Milo, and our first for the excellent e-zine The Beat Surrender, hopefully we can continue this association for a while!

Thursday 12th August in Nottingham. Trashstock is one of the best “fests” around and it’s perfect for our style. If we impress the crowd and judges at this gig, we could find ourselves playing Trashstock later in September to a capacity crowd in Nottingham!

Saturday 4th September at Carpe Diem. Our good friend Ox appears to be stepping down as the promoter Black Nimbus. This will be his final gig. He does an excellent job and every gig we’ve played or attended has been well turned out. Carpe Diem must be one of the best venues in Leeds. It’s free in and the atmosphere is always good. FYI, Nish’s parents will be attending this one, so watch you language!!! 😉 Supporting us will be all of our friends! Stone Run who we met at the Wakefield Rock Festival Battle of the Bands and our good friends Psychobabylon with their new drummer Oz, Velvet Star with their new drummer Ginna (who was Psychobabylon’s old drummer)…so all in all, it will be a proper love in between all the bands! It will be an AWESOME night…guaranteed!

Saturday 9th October at Royal Park Cellars.  Wakefield Rock Festival Battle of the Bands friends Further From the Truth will be headlining this gig. Supporting along with us will be inbetween and redgrass. This will be our bands debut at this venue, again, a place that gets a good turnout!

So that’s it for now. You’re updated. There will be more as we look to book some studio time to lay down on tape all this wonderful new music we’re writing. But before that, come down and see one of our shows. We promise to entertain you, deafen you and rock you!

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