Happy New Year

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Hey Babies,

A new year and a new attitude, that’s what we’re looking at here at Idol Towers.

We’ve decided to tell you about EVERY little thing we’re doing this year.

We don’t wanna be a mysterious, enigmatic and utterly point-less collection of status updates, we wanna leak into your front rooms and take up residence next to the cat.

We wanna be your pet bend, the boys you look at when you wanna smile with music that enhances you mood.

So, let’s get it on, eh?

2012 has started with the demoing of 5 new tracks and our ambition (as well as playing in Scandinavia and Northern Ireland) is to get an new album out sometime around June.

Back in the good ol’ days bands would release an album every year but, as technology has made it easier to release and record, we seem to be getting less music from our musicians.

Ginger Wildheart has the right idea. He writes and records when he can because his head is chock-full of catchy tunes and riffs. Well, Tim’s head is bursting with riffage, I have lyrics falling out of my ears, Nish is a drumming/recording Cyborg, Dan is mad for getting his name on some Idol tunes and KC is a whirling dervish of creativity and spontaneous madness – all in all, we have no excuse not to knock out at least 12 tracks a year, eh?

So, we’re looking into the Pledge Music idea, but may have to find some other way to pay for stuff if that doesn’t work out.

Would you be willing to stump up a Tenner for an album we’d get to you by the end of June?

Live wise, we’re booking at the mo. May have a little Mini Tour in June, but we’re trying to fill our schedule without overplaying places, we know money is tight for everyone so we wanna make an Idol gig a proper night out for anyone who’s coming along 😉

On that note, thanks to everyone who came to see us/bought our stuff/played us on the radio in 2011. It was an amazing year full of ticked boxes and fun-filled adventure, you are all part of that and we thank you from the very bottom of our dark little hearts.

See ya on the road idols and Dead Dudes,



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