Dark Little Hearts – Out Now!

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Dark Little Hearts

Dark Little Hearts

Hey, do you know what day it is?


Yes, yes, I know it’s 26th November, but do you know what day that is?


Well, fair enough, it’s a Monday I’ll give you that.


But this is no ordinary Monday, oh no, this is DARK LITTLE HEARTS RELEASE DAY!!!!!


6 months ago we all sat and had a chat – well, I say that, I think I had a chat and everyone nodded – about fan funding an album


We were all skint and could see no way of getting anything out without asking for an advance and, as we had yet to hear from EMI and their HUGE cheque book, we followed Ginger Wildheart into pledging.


We never thought for a moment we’d get it, we were making plans to add cash in if so many people pledged but we did get 100%


But, by buggery, what a bunch of losers we are! Coz our followers, friends and fans stepped up to the plate and, not only offered their cash, but also the kind of support most bands can only dream of.


We were stoked, humbled and had our gasts well and truly flabbered!


And it didn’t stop once the target was reached, oh no!


The support has been with us every step of the way – and the album launch gig was a night we will never forget!


So, now it’s time to set loose the beast.


This thing we’ve had so close to our own dark little hearts for so long is now ready to take it’s first faltering steps into the great unknown.


This album was made with love, passion and belief by not just the 5 guys in the band, but also Carl Rosamond our unbelievable producer and all our fantastic iDolls and Zom-boys.


So, here you are world, take our Dark Little Hearts …. Available on iTunesSpotify, WE7, Google Play, Amazon MP3, 7Digital, Sony Entertainment Network, Amazon on Demand, Nokia, Zvooq, AT&T, Rhapsody, eMusic, Basepoint Media, MediaNet, 24/7 Entertainment, Play.comBandcamp and Fargo Tube.

Also available at Crash Records and Jumbo Records in Leeds and direct from our online store.

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