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A quick note for our beloved iDolls and Dead Dudes…As you will already know our first EP “Shooting Star EP” is available for free via bandcamp, there’s a link on our Store page.

Our first album “Die On My Feet Or Live On My Knees” is available on iTunes and you can now buy the CD from us at gigs or via PayPal! Head over to our Store page and click on the links!

Our awesome t-shirts are available from us at gigs only at the moment, though I’ll be setting up a paypal purchase soon!

Speaking of gigs, we’re playing tomorrow night for the amazing 360 Club at The Library in Hyde Park, Leeds

Richard runs fantastic nights and courtesy of all you lovely people, the bands, and Richard’s tireless promoting there’s sure to be a wicked crowd!

It’s being recorded and filmed for BBC Introducing West Yorkshire who will be there on the night DJing, so if your band has a demo, bring it down and Mr Alan Raw may just play it for you!

For more information check out the link:

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