Band of the Week (Week 3) – Drugdealer Cheerleader

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I was going to write something about songs and stage presence but I’d like to tell you about a band that honestly improved me, not only as a musician but as a person. It seems rather fitting that the band I chose to do my first real blog on is the band I played my first ever tour with. Drugdealer Cheerleader.

As some of you know -not that it’s a huge secret- I am not the original four-stringer of The Idol Dead. I joined in July 2011, learned all the back catalogue(ish) and, wouldn’t you know it, got thrown in the deep end with a “no pressure” tour.

Now as the youngest in the band, the new boy at the time and, in all honesty only being used to playing venues with six people in them, it would be a huge understatement to say I was UTTERLY TERRIFIED. I’m not a music mogul by any means, I’d never heard of DDCL before meeting them and didn’t know what to expect. Add to this I was using a guy called BOMBERS’ bass rig: the fear factor rose just a smidge.

I’ll never forget the first night of the tour. The New Inn, Ilkeston: A true diamond in the rough. Not much to look at but the heart and soul of a saint. In walked these older guys carrying guitars. The Idols – already knowing them of course – talked free, catching up. Me, just trying to fit in. Then Bomber, the real bass player in my eyes, opens a conversation with me. Before I knew it we were all laughing and joking together. That’s it; I’m in. That’s how easy Drugdealer Cheerleader made that first night for me.

After that initial night all ten band members plus crew were thick as thieves and sharing stories. I learnt so much from both DDCL and The Idol Dead over the next three weeks.

Thanks to DDCL, I grew in confidence and my love for real live music arrived in droves. I was hit with a sad realisation though on the last night in Cardiff. 
Why had I only just discovered this amazing band, just as they’re calling it a day? These lovable lads with more talent in their sweat soaked smalls than anything the X Factor can kick out in it’s entirety. I may have left it late but at least I am now the proud owner of the entire Drugdealer Cheerleader discography (to my knowledge).

I’ll never forget my first tour. Nor will I forget how welcome I was made to feel by Hilda with his huge glitter rod; Bomber, who is a bass legend; Jay, with his Dirty Harry coolness and massively perverted mind; Dave, who can make a stringless guitar sing, and Ringo (No need to big him up, it’s only Ringo for fuck’s sake).

Ladies and gentleman, let’s hear it one more time for DRUGDEALER CHEERLEADER.

L M F A O . . . L O L.


– Dan: Idol

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