Introducing: Nish

Photo credit: Robin Attrill

Name – Nish

Idol Job – Drums and backing vocals.

Influences – Foo Fighters, namely Taylor Hawkins. Dave Grohl naturally gets a mention but it’s mainly Taylor. A band called Live whos drummer Chad Gracey influenced me in my main drumming development years, and Josh Freese who appears on many albums that I have in my collection. Bands like Pearl Jam, Creed, Crumb and No Doubt have all changed my playing styles over the years. Did I mention the Foo Fighters?

Fave Idol Dead song – Beautiful Disaster.

Fave Dark Little Hearts moment – The moment that I realised that our fans would make recording this album possible. We simply couldn’t afford it and DLH would never have happened.

What I do outside The Dead – I work in IT so enough said about that. I have a newborn son who I gladly dedicate my time to. To keep fit enough to play energetic The Idol Dead shows I play many sports mainly hockey, football, golf and cricket.

5 People I’d invite to dinner – Stephen Fry (for intelligent conversation that I wouldn’t understand), Dave Grohl (to see if he might take our band under his wing and make us huge), Radio 1 DJ/playlist maker (whom I would “force” into loving us and playing us on Radio 1 all the time), Gordon Ramsay (to cook and swear lots) and the guy who does the voice over for Come Dine with Me (Dave Lamb) to commentate on the evening. Mentions to a few people who just miss out on an invite – Jesus (not religious, just need some answers). Hitler (ask why, convince him to change his mind, if that fails throw him in prison), Yvonne Strahovski (really needed to invite a female…)


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