Introducing: KC Duggan

Photo credit: Robin Attrill

Name – KC Duggan

Idol Job – Rhythm guitar and backing vocals/ screams.

Influences – Dave McPherson, Matt Skiba, Quinn Allman, Frank Iero, Aaron North.

Fave Idol Dead song – Blue Skies

Fave Dark Little Hearts moment – The first playback of the album. I realised that not only did we have something special in our hands but also it had been demanded and paid for by our fans and that we would be releasing it on a global level. It also marked the end of a rollercoaster year by chronicling how my friends pulled me out of a dark hole so it felt like closure.

What I do outside The Dead – I spend my spare time working in the background of my friends bands, helping with promotion, teching, roadie-ing, selling merch and filming videos. I love almost every aspect of live music and immerse myself in it where ever possible. I also write and record music under my own moniker, and produce other grassroots bands.

5 People I’d invite to dinner –James Dean, Yuri Gagarin, Alice Cooper, Bill Hicks and Audrey Hepburn.

Follow KC on twitter @FearTheOcean