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It was a wet and windy night, the clouds were closing in and 4 bands took their stance in the Snooty Fox – it was the Final of the WTP Battle of the Bands and the winner would walk away with the main support slot at Wakefield Rock Festival.

So, you’d think it was all back-biting and confidence under-mining wouldn’t you? Not a bit of it. 4 bands, a lot of mutual respect and a great night of music was all you’d find here.

The Idol Dead rocked up at 6pm, as did Further from the Truth, Clown Corpse and Stone Run, so Wayne could pull those names from the hat and work the order out.

Nish was let off the hook this week and Miguel was dragged onto the stage to represent us. Oh noes! As it happens, it seems Nish is a Jinx as we were pulled first from the hat and given the choice to go on first, or last. Miguel looked towards his bandmates who, in one voice, shouted ‘LAST!’ … the die was cast.

Clown Corpse were to open, then Further From The Truth, then Stone Run, then us.

Clown Corpse look great, all Evil Clown make up and windmill head banging. Musically they’re not as heavy as their name and image suggests – it’s good, solid metal. Kinda ‘classic’ early Metallica – Bay Area Thrash as it was called in my day! Singer does the ‘Angry Elf’ kind of vocals, and it’s cool if you’re into that sort of thing. So, the bar was set … this wasn’t going to be easy.

Next up were Further From The Truth. We played with these guys, and girl, in the first round and I can only assume they were kidnapped by aliens from Planet Rock in the meantime. They were fabulous, 10 times the band they were 6 short weeks ago. The looked great, they were tight, and in lead singer Kate they have a sassy, sexy front lady with a great voice and good command of the stage. Bloody Hell, things just got harder, and Stone Run are next!

Stone Run are everything a good rock band should be – they groove, they move, they’re tight, and they’re all great looking. It’s almost like someone built the perfect rock band. Singer Tommy is half snarling, hairy frontman and half wounded artist .. emotive and engaging. The rest of the lads do more than a good job of backing him up with great riffs, superb harmonies and classic tunes – Stone Run are special, look out for them

At this point I had to go outside and have a word with myself! We needed to fire on all cylinders just to get to the level set by the rest of the bands, never mind win!

So, we hit the stage, and moved like tigers on Vaseline … Ziggy would’ve been proud! Nish pounded the drums into sawdust, shouting along and going crazy, KC threw himself about like a rag doll on Ketamine, Tim glided around the stage, throwing shapes and riffs out in equal measure … and Miguel? He just laid it down and smouldered like the swarthy Mediterranean  he is! What about me? Well, I kinda blacked out a bit, it’s all a blur, apparently I swear, and sweat, too much! But the crowd man, wow the crowd … the feeling of the Snooty Fox shouting I.D.O.L at us during the choruses is something I’ll never forget!

Battle of the Bands Final - photo by Alex English

Battle of the Bands Final - photo by Alex English

Dark Entity, last year’s winners, finished everything off with a tight, punchy Metal set that the Snooty Fox lapped up.

Then … waiting … more waiting … and some waiting … probably about 5 minutes actually, but felt like hours.

But, what’s this, there’s been a tie! So, all the bands were invited on stage for a Queen sing-a-long, while the judges thrashed it out in a back room.

Then, after the drummer from Further From The Truth had fallen over a third time, second place was announced – Stone Run! Hooooot! We do like them.

Waiting for the result - photo by Rob Robinson

Waiting for the result - photo by Rob Robinson

But, we were so convinced they were gonna win, Tim went a bit white. Mostly because we assumed Further From The Truth or Clown Corpse now had it in the bag.

Then …  first place … The Idol Dead!

Holy Moly and Christ on a Bike! We did it!

We did it!!! - photo by Rob Robinson

We did it!!! - photo by Rob Robinson

We were ecstatic! But I’ll say this, we don’t take it lightly! We respected the ability, and stage presence of every band on the Bill, and were proud to share the evening with them win or lose. We’ve made some friends during this competition, and we hope to see a lot more of them in the coming years.

Well done all involved, and thanks to Wayne and Jim, Malc at The Snooty Fox and everyone else involved with making Wakefield Rock Festival happen and lets raise loads of cash for Wakefield Hospice.

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