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So we’ve been quiet recently. Not much chat on here, we’ve been a little quiet on facebook and twitter.


New tunes, that’s why!

We’re aiming to have our first full album recorded by the end of the year. To do that, we’ve been furiously writing away! With 4 songs already recorded, we needed to write at least another 6 songs or so to be ready for the album. So, now everyone but me has brought something worthy of “Deading”. Wehave at least 4 or 5 songs that are well on there way to being ready for possible album inclusion.

We’ll be playing them at gigs coming up (more about that in a sec) and maybe we’ll run a little poll with the songs so that you can help us decide what goes on the album…

We have a gig next Thursday at Milo. It’s our first gig at this venue that hosts many top Leeds bands and even better this night is being run by The Beat Surrender who review, interview and promote big bands and if we play our cards right, might just give us a rave review! So get yourselves down to Milo by The Corn Exchange and support us and the other bands on. We don’t know who they are, but have been assured that we’ll be the loudest there! It’s just £2 in, get a ticket from us (contact us through twitter, facebook or email), or pay on the door.

Then, it’s down to Nottingham for a Battle of the Bands competition that could win us a spot at Trashstock. This is one of the best festivals to be involved with. It gets a great turnout every year and features top bands from all over the country playing our kind of music, so if you’re anywhere near the area, get down to The Central Venue and see us battle it out! Just £4 on the door starting from 7:30.

See you all soon!

Peace and Love

Nish – the one who hasn’t written anything yet for the band 😥

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